What is The Car Warranty, and What it Covers?

A car warranty guarantees a promising vehicle manufacturer to replace or repair your vehicle if necessary. The manufacturer promised the contract and is mainly used as a shield against sudden or unexpected financial losses caused by defects in the car.

When the car manufacturer issues a warranty, the manufacturer guarantees that the vehicle will be free of defects during a specific period. However, if defects or problems arise during the specified period, the manufacturer will replace or repair the normal part at no additional cost.

Wear parts of vehicles

The terms and conditions of the warranty at Best Extended Car Warranty Company do not apply to any failure due to routine wear parts of vehicle parts. Also, labour costs to replace or repair damaged parts are included in the warranty unless stated.

Whenever your vehicle is damaged or not functioning itself without your error or by someone else, then the car warranty will cover you and your car.

AA Auto Extended Warranty also covers the mechanical parts and electricity of your car. For example, a car warranty can be for safety equipment such as airbags, seat belts, etc., or machines or gearboxes.

Here are two types of warranty for vehicles.

New warranty

You can buy it during your new car purchase. Most producers provide guarantees for 3 to 5 years or based on kilometres.

Extended warranty

After the new warranty ends, you have an option to buy an extended warranty. The coverage plan below, i.e. Concord Auto Protect Reviews, the extended warranty may not be the same as a new guarantee. e.

Car Warranty: Pro and Cons

Here are some car warranty pros and cons.

Pros of warranty car

Don't worry about the damaged part

Extended Warranty Optional

Not mandatory

New guarantees are usually provided at no cost

Cons of car warranty.

It does not cover all types of repairs such as tires, brake pads, windshield wipers.

It does not cover unintentional damage by vehicles.

There is no option to enter a car insurance add-on

There is no option to include a personal accident cover (PA)

It does not cover third party liabilities


Car warranty and car insurance are different forms of financial protection and are intended to protect you and your car in another way. For example, suppose there is an issue with the car because the part is damaged. In that case, the car warranty provides coverage, and if your vehicle meets an accident, Concord Auto Protect Reviews for car insurance provides coverage.

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